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Adriana Emilia Viliginschi

My magic formula in both my office and the company's office is:

Psychology + Management + Personal Development + Business Coaching + Competitive Intelligence

In all the treated aspects, the studies of psychological profiling and behavioral analysis were extremely useful.


My profession exists to help you overcome the difficult moments in your personal or professional life, to support you on the chosen path, to show you that life can be beautiful even after pain.

Imagine a life where you have more smiles than tears , more emotional freedom than constraints and more clarity than fog.


I have been a psychologist for 14 years and I have continued my studies and training until now.


For 10 years I have also been a management consultant in a company with foreign capital, but my passion for psychology has always led me to use the information in this field and to intertwine it with management solutions, with miraculous results.


I added training in Business Coaching 7 years ago, and 4 years ago I completed my master's degree in Competitive Intelligence.


Training as a personal development counselor came at the perfect time over 18 years of humanities studies.


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